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Training programmes.

To ensure organizational success and sustainability.

As a fundamental element of capacity building, training focuses on providing skills for specific problems. 

At an organizational level – governments, private sector, NGOs or international organizations – it strengthens the overall efficiency and ability of the organization to fulfill its mandate.

At EcoTraders, we aim at providing the right specific skills and knowledge to our clients, with one objective in mind: to improve their performance and support long-term development. 

Our services

We provide training and development to organizations, institutional or corporate staff, elaborating training programs and capacity building workshops in environmental and energy expertise.

Training course

Instructor training

Our programs are designed to include a combination of theoretical courses (physical or virtual) and practical on-site workshops. 

In relevant programs, we can focus on a “train-the-trainer” element, initially training a few people who, in turn, train other people within their own organization. It ensures that best practices can be scaled up from the individual to the team and organizational level, multiplying the original impact.

Development of knowledge products and tools

Presentations, guidebooks and templates.

Our expertise

  • Climate change, including MRV system design and implementation and GHG management systems (ISO 14065)

  • Environmental compliance, including air emissions permits and reporting to the Israeli Pollutant Release and Transfer Register

  • Energy, including energy-efficiency and energy management system (ISO 50001)

  • ISO standards, depending on our clients' needs.

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Why EcoTraders

At EcoTraders we know how to take into account our client’s local, cultural, and organizational context. Our experts have the technical knowledge to develop our clients’ skills and enable them to move forward with new actions, strategies, and policies.

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Training of the Standards Institution auditors

Training and mentoring of ISO auditors in carrying out verifications and providing professional solutions for monitoring and evaluation of energy efficiency and GHG reduction projects. 

Discussing the Numbers

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Ministry of Energy training program

Training of official energy supervisors approved by the Israeli Energy Ministry. The program includes the development of online and excel tools, ensuring correct reporting of energy audits. 


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MRV training - Aircrafts 

Training of Arkia personnel in correct implementation of Monitoring, Reporting and Verification procedures for fuel consumption and GHG emissions, in the context of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

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