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Environmental consulting

Technology transfer.

To lead energy-efficient, low carbon and climate-resilient development.

In the past years resource-efficient technologies have become a key contributor to long-term economic growth and sustainable job creation, and are providing industries and companies cost-cutting solutions. Additionally, clean technologies play a central role in enabling an effective global response to environmental issues such as pollution and climate change.

Hence, technology transfer is largely facilitated by international institutions such as the GEF (Global Environment Facility) or the United Nations, seeking to promote affordable and scalable solutions and enabling all stakeholders to move to cleaner, more resilient strategies.


And what a better place than Israel to find the right technologies and be part of an energy-efficient, low carbon and climate-resilient economy?

Nicknamed the “start-up nation”, Israel’s innovative energy has turned the country into one of the world’s leading hi-tech hubs. With the creation of more and more cleantech startups in energy efficiency, water management, agricultural technology, waste and recycling, Israel is driving sustainable change in the global energy and green transition.

Our services

At EcoTraders we help disseminate technologies and transfer knowledge on environmentally safe technologies, especially in the field of resource efficiency, GHG mitigation and sustainable production.

Mapping of industrial production processes

Identification of technological alternatives.

Pilot and demonstration projects

Identifying key issues, pollutants and sources.

Performing technical, environmental and economic assessments and evaluating the technology adoption relative benefits and sourcing innovative solutions.

To assess the implementation parameters in specific conditions.

Implementation of monitoring systems

Staff training

To track projects results and evaluate their performance.

To maximize the benefits and ensure proper implementation and management. Read more.

Our expertise

  • Technical review of existing energy and environmental best practices and best available techniques (BAT), based on applicability to the local circumstances, financial attractiveness, and existing barriers to implementation.

  • Energy efficiency technologies, benefiting from more than 15 years’ experience in developing, implementing and managing energy projects.

Why EcoTraders

At EcoTraders, we help our clients to transform challenges into assets, excelling in finding the appropriate innovative technology that makes current technologies cleaner and climate-resilient, as well as transferring and disseminating it to scale-up its impacts.


   Case study   

Advisor on R&D energy projects

Israeli Ministry of Energy

EcoTraders is one of the main advisors of the Office of the Chief Scientist, assessing and evaluating R&D projects, deciding funding attribution and serving as a mentor during the projects' implementation and operation. 


   Case study   

Phasing out coal

A strategic GHG abatement measure

Technical and economical evaluation of the options to remove from service coal-fired units in Hadera, Israel.

The technical and economical evaluation served as the basis for Israel’s Energy Minister.

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