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Climate change

Monitor, Report, Verify.

To track your progress and needs.

The implementation of an MRV system is the basis for understanding the current GHG emission levels, the ambition of the existing efforts, the effectiveness and co-benefits of specific GHG-reduction policies and actions, and the progress made in achieving emissions reduction goals. MRV systems enable the collection of coherent data for policy and decision-making, improve access to funding or investment, and enhance national or internal capacities.

At a governmental level, the periodic reporting of national climate change-related information is required for all Parties under the UNFCCC.

At a corporate level, more and more leading global businesses are engaging in sustainability reporting as part of their social and environmental responsibility, with the aim to ensure credibility and bring stability and commercial added-value in the long term.

Our services

We accompany our clients to develop MRV systems that fit their specific needs and capabilities at a national, sectorial, and company or project level.

Definition of MRV strategy

Defining the strategy objectives and needs and national actors and institutions. 

Analyzing the domestic regulations, assessing existing MRV procedures, and providing capacity building and workshops.

Adjustments of existing MRV

Our experts analyze issues within and across sectors, provide recommendations and adjust the existing system to comply with international requirements.

Ensuring that data and information collected are accurate and consistent.

System implementation and constant support

Elaboration of reporting documents

We compile National Communication and Biennial Update Reports and submit them to the UNFCCC. We also elaborate specific reports to governments or international corporate standards.

Our expertise

  • Baseline and methodological development

  • Development of country-specific standardized templates for data reporting of key sectors

  • Data collection and analysis: compiling data-collection tools and managing data collection and QA/QC from a variety of stakeholders

  • Development of computerized tools for emission calculations

  • Elaboration of national reports complying with the UNFCCC requirements

  • Analysis of methodological issues and gaps on data management

Why EcoTraders

Experience in MRV implementation, sectorial knowledge, a thorough understanding of international methodologies and eye for details are the qualities that make EcoTraders an industry leader in MRV system design and implementation. 


   Case study   

Israel's national GHG emissions MRV system

Under the context of the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement, EcoTraders developed  and implemented the MRV framework for Israel’s national INDC.


   Case study   

Israel Biennial Update Report and National Communication

Preparation and submission of Israel's official international publications to the UNFCCC:

BUR and National Communication.

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