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Why trust EcoTraders to ensure and improve environmental performance?

Our wide spectrum of expertise.

Thanks to specific industry knowledge and experience in climate, energy and environmental issues our multi-disciplinary team provides sound advice and guidance on investments, assists our clients in identifying relevant technologies, and manages environmental and energy project on their behalf.

We help improve our clients’ ability to implement and conduct their projects through environmental due diligence, technology transfer and standard certification.


Mapping of regulatory requirements


On-site audits 


Site history review


Site surroundings review 

Future sensitivity analysis

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Environmental due diligence and permitting

Mapping of industrial production processes.


Technological alternatives. 


Pilot projects.


Monitoring systems. 

Staff training

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Technology transfer

Characterization and planning

Work procedures 


Organizational process

Certification support


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Standard accreditation


Our planet is facing many environmental concerns that deplete or contaminate natural resources, and many of which have pushed governments to create environmental guidelines and regulations subjecting companies and industries to strict requirements during the full lifecycle of their projects.

But integrating environmental considerations by complying to regulations and implementing additional eco-friendly measures can also help reduce, for example, a business’s energy and water consumption, cutting costs along the way.


That is why at EcoTraders we partner with our clients, helping to research and understand environmental impacts, providing sustainable solutions and strengthening the performance of our clients’ investments, projects and processes.

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