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Energy policy consulting. 

To shape the energy transition.

The global energy transition is imperative to prevent climate change and achieve sustainable growth. Well-informed policies and strategies are a valuable instrument to achieve this transition and promote a fair process that can maximize the benefits for everyone – countries, regions, industries, businesses, and individuals. Indeed, the energy transition must be seen as an opportunity to create jobs, improve the livability of cities as well as overall societal welfare.


At EcoTraders, we help design and shape this transformation process: from research and data analysis, to developing and assessing policies, to formulating strategic recommendations on renewable energy and energy efficiency. 

Our services

We advise our clients on efficient and sustainable energy strategy at a national, sectorial, local and company level, in all sectors - commercial and residential buildings, industry, transport and power generation.

Our expertise

  • Perform international comparative research on energy policy and regulation best practice in countries around the world

  • Technical review of existing energy best practices and best available techniques (BAT), based on applicability to the local circumstances, financial attractiveness, and existing barriers to implementation

  • Modelling of policy impacts, including economic, environmental and social co-benefits

Energy efficiency and renewable energy targets

Assessment of policies, regulations and standards

Formulation of targets in accordance with the identification of key sectors and activities and their current and projected demand.

Assessment of national and international energy efficiency policies, regulations and standards, using qualitative and quantitative tools to assess their objectives, effectiveness, as well as economic, environmental and energy impacts. 

Analysis of environmental and economic impacts

Identification of key alternative technologies or processes

Performing technical, environmental and economic feasibility studies and assessing the relative energy and cost savings.

Assessing and quantifying the socio-economic and environmental benefits that energy-efficient or renewable-related of policy, regulations and standards. Read more.

Why EcoTraders

At EcoTraders, our mission is to translate expertise in energy regulation, policies, technologies, economics, and modelling into sound policy recommendations and science-based strategic advice.

Phasing out coal
A strategic GHG abatement measure

   Case study   

Phasing out coal

A strategic GHG abatement measure

Technical and economical evaluation of the options to remove from service coal-fired units in Hadera, Israel.

The technical and economical evaluation served as the basis for Israel’s Energy Minister.

Decorative Lighting

   Case study   

Municipal energy efficiency program in Jerusalem

Development of a municipal framework strategy to promote energy efficiency and reduce GHG in the building sector for the Jerusalem Municipality.

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