Why trust EcoTraders in the effort to prevent climate change?

Our experience.

Thanks to a thorough understanding of international requirements, policy considerations, and technological know-how, our team has been deeply involved in climate policy at national, local and corporate levels over the past decade, developing INDCs, NAMAs, LT-LEDS and MRV systems.

We accompany our public sector and private sector clients on every step of the way to climate change mitigation.

GHG Assessment

Climate Policy Consulting

More than just Carbon

Monitor, Report, Verify



The international effort to prevent climate change began more than 25 years ago, but the need for a global response has never been more crucial. As underlined in COP 21 in Paris in 2015, the climate is changing faster than pace of global action, and mobilizing a stronger and more ambitious transition to a sustainable economy is urgently required for the world to stay on target to meet the 2-degree climate goal.

Everyone has a role to play in effectively implementing the Paris Agreement: governments, local authorities, industries, businesses and investors.

At EcoTraders we are committed to helping countries transition to a low-emission economy and comply with the Paris Agreement, while helping industries and companies to measure and manage their carbon emissions.


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