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Project implementation and management.

To participate in the energy transition.

Decarbonization of the energy sector requires urgent action at the national, sectorial, corporate and individual level. And while the global energy transition is currently underway in many sectors and regions around the world, further actions are required to ensure a successful and cost-effective process.

Renewable energy and energy efficiency measures have great potential to achieve the required carbon reductions and, thanks to rapid technological innovation, they are continuing to become more and more cost effective. 

At EcoTraders, we provide the necessary knowledge, tools and support to enable the implementation of these solutions and to realize strategies in these key fields of action.

Our services

We help implement energy-efficiency projects at a national, sectorial, and company level.

Our expertise

  • Approved Energy Services Provider and Energy Auditor by the Israeli Ministry of Energy

  • Certified Monitoring and Verification Professional (CMVP) Services for Energy Efficiency Projects and Programs

Technical, environmental and economic feasibility

Project design, implementation and management

Energy efficiency audits and assessment of technical solutions for energy efficiency from various sources, such as: solar electricity systems, heat pumps for heating water, efficient lighting):

○ Identify efficiency potential; 

○ Review behavioral solutions ; 

○ Evaluate costs and expected energy savings; 

○ Evaluate complexity of implementation and maintenance;

○ Prioritize solutions based on a cost / benefit scale.

Energy Management Standard

○ Comprehensive project management and guidance including planning, engagement with suppliers and contractors, construction and operation of the systems.

○ Funding of projects from relevant government grants programs.

Implementation of ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard. Read more.

Technology transfer

Renewable Energy Certificates

Technologies dissemination and knowledge transfer on environmentally safe technologies. Read more.

Read more in the Renewable Energy section.

Why EcoTraders

EcoTraders brings more than 15 years’ experience in developing, implementing and managing energy efficiency projects on behalf of our private and public sector clients.  

National financing scheme

   Case study   

National financing scheme

Elaboration of the framework, development and implementation of a national financing scheme to support energy efficiency and GHG reduction projects nationwide. 

This national financing scheme has already invested more than 70 M€.

Tech Solutions Illustration

   Case study   

Disabled Veteran's Organisation

1) Multi-site energy audits and identification of energy efficiency measures

2) Request and evaluation of grants to implement these measures

3) Implementation, management and performance supervision of the projects

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