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Assessment of energy demand and production.

To analyze past, present, and future trends.

Quantifying and assessing energy use and production allows for the identification of the most energy-intensive sectors or activities and the main energy sources, which in turn enables the identification of low-cost energy saving measures.

The assessment of energy is therefore necessary to the understanding and elaboration of a policy, strategy or project and is the basis of any energy-related decision-making process.

Our services

We offer energy assessment using international standards or guidelines at a national, sectorial, company and factory level. 

Assessment of energy consumption and production

Modelling of energy projections

Monitoring and evaluation frameworks

We assess current energy consumption and production characteristics: at the national, sectorial, and local levels, as well as at the company level through residential, commercial and industrial energy efficiency audits (and if needed the resulting carbon footprint).

For energy policies and projects at a national and corporate level.

Modelling of energy production and consumption projections including primary energy, transformation and final energy demand, whilst optimizing costs within the projected energy system and performing scenario analysis.

Our expertise

  • Use of existing models (e.g. LEAP model) or development of computerized tools for energy consumption/production/demand calculation

  • Development of Monitoring, Reporting and Verification frameworks for energy policies, including GHG impacts and co-benefits

  • Approved Energy Services Provider and Energy Auditor by the Israeli Ministry of Energy

  • Certified Monitoring and Verification Professional (CMVP) Services for Energy Efficiency Projects and Programs

Why EcoTraders

Our team of experts has conducted dozens of energy assessment, modelling, and monitoring and evaluation projects for a wide range of public and private sector clients, each tailor-made to their specific needs and strategic objectives.

Power production modelling

   Case study   

Power production modelling

Demand, capacity and power production modelling and forecasting for Israel’s power sector, as part of the National Plan to reduce air Pollution.

Development of Israel energy targets

Development of Israel energy targets

Total Energy Sector modelling to support development of Israel’s national renewable energy, energy efficiency, and private transport reduction targets

   Case study   

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