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Environmental consulting

Standard certification.

To improve the sustainability of processes.

The implementation of organizational management systems provides significant advantages to organizations, leading improved durability and maintaining a high-level of services and product quality over time. In addition, management systems constitute a requirement in certain fields – such as food and information security.


These systems are supported by international standards (ISO standards) and the organizations implementing such standards are certified by an independent and authorized entity. 

Implementing management systems brings organizations real and measurable benefits, improving their business processes and reducing cost.

Our services

At EcoTraders we help implement ISO standards in a wide variety of fields, bringing our clients significant savings in operation, providing them a quick return on investment on realized projects and positioning them as a leading organization on environmental issues and energy saving.

Characterization and planning

Analysis and characterization of relevant requirements and standards, identifying goals and preparing a multi-year plan

Work procedures

Writing new work procedures and instructions, and if necessary, adapting the current procedures system

Organizational process

Guiding the organizational process for the overall management  - purchasing, operational control, monitoring, setting performance measures, training and improving employee awareness

Certification support

Support during the certification body audits and annual ongoing maintenance of the system

Our expertise

  • Energy management │ISO 50001
    Learn more about our energy services here.

  • Greenhouse gases │ISO 14065 
    Learn more about our GHG assessment services here.

  • Environmental labels and declarations │ ISO 14020


And because every business has also considerations other than environmental, we provide our services in other fields as well:

  • Product conformity │ISO / IEC 17065 

  • Business continuity │ ISO 23001 

  • Information technology │ ISO 20001 

  • Information security management │ISO 27001 

Why EcoTraders

EcoTraders manages international accreditation processes for national auditing programs of management systems on behalf of the Standards Institute of Israel including Greenhouse gases under ISO 1406, Energy Management Systems under ISO 50001, Business Continuity Management Systems under ISO 22301, and Product Certification under ISO 17065.


   Case study   

Establishment of national certification programs

On behalf of the Standards Institute of Israel, establishment of the national methodology and framework for GHG reduction projects and corporate GHG Emission Inventories in accordance with ISO 14065.


   Case study   

 ISO 50001 certification

Full management of implementation and certification of Israel Chemicals Ltd Dead Sea sites energy management system, in accordance with ISO 50001. 

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