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Environmental consulting

Environmental due diligence and permitting.

To minimize risks and ensure return over time.

From infrastructure projects to investments and acquisitions, assessing and managing environmental risk is now an integral part of business activities. Thus, there is a growing importance of environmental due diligence, in order to properly evaluate and quantify environmental risks embedded in a transaction, minimize exposure and ensure a return over time.

Further, investors in Israel are often subject to the country’s complex regulatory framework, modeled on similar EU regulations and including: Air Emissions Permitting, Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Management Plans, Hazardous Substance Permitting, and pollutant reporting obligations to Israel’s Pollutant Release and Transfer Registry (PRTR).

Our services

We conduct a thorough examination of all the environmental aspects of the transactions and activities of our clients to identify and quantify the risks and comply with Israel’s specific regulations.

Mapping and review of regulatory requirements

Review of laws, regulations and guidelines applicable to the site or company, and corporate documentation (including work procedures, company forms and records, reports to government agencies)​

Site surroundings review

Identifying nearby sources of environmental impact and activities sensitive to environmental influences, such as residential areas.

On-site audit

Site history review

Future sensitivity analysis

In order to verify the transmitted information, examine the equipment and operations of the site, and realize a production process analysis, identifying gaps between operations and regulatory technical requirements.

Analyzing past uses and activities of the site. Indeed, past activities have the potential of impacting the company today and may carry significant financial implications (particularly regarding potential soil contamination).

Examining operations and their nature to identify the sensitivities to and the likelihood of regulatory changes.

Our expertise

  • Emission permit application in accordance with the Israeli Clean Air Act

  • Pollutant reporting under the Israeli PRTR

  • Environmental risk assessment

  • Environmental impact assessment

Why EcoTraders

At EcoTraders, we build on our experience to help our clients properly evaluate environmental risks embedded in transactions, minimize their exposure, and successfully navigate Israeli environmental regulations and permitting requirements.

Israel Pollutant Release and Transfer Registry

   Case study   

Israel Pollutant Release and Transfer Registry

EcoTraders serves as a senior advisor to Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection for the development, implementation and management of the national PRTR.

Air emissions permitting for Israel's National Power Company

   Case study   

Air emissions permitting for Israel's National Power Company

EcoTraders was in charge of air pollution permitting on behalf of Israel's government-owned utility (17 coal and natural gas fired power plants totaling approx. 11 GW in capacity).

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