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Climate finance

Development of carbon offset projects.

To reduce the global carbon footprint.

The idea behind the carbon offset mechanism is simple: to stimulate sustainable development and emission reductions, while giving countries, organizations and individuals some flexibility in how they meet their emission reduction targets. Hence carbon offsetting is a prominent tool in promoting greenhouse gas emission reductions, especially for private actors in the context of voluntary carbon offsetting. 

However, in order to participate in carbon offsetting schemes, projects must meet rigorous requirements ensuring that the offsets generated are credible and accurate. 

At EcoTraders, we help our clients develop high-quality projects, allowing them to earn revenues while reducing their carbon footprint.

Our services

We advise organizations looking to develop their own carbon offset project in a variety of industrial and municipal sectors, including energy efficiency, renewable energy generation, and waste-to-energy.

Voluntary carbon offset project development

Co-benefits analysis

Capacity-building on project design. 

From methodology development and approval, to project registration, and through monitoring, issuance and commercialization.

Assessing and quantifying the additional socio-economic and environmental benefits that the carbon offset project delivers beyond GHG emission reductions.

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Providing training on methodologies and developing knowledge products specifically adapted to the project. Read more.

Our expertise

  • Baseline development and methodological design taking into account local circumstances

  • Design and implementation of project MRV system

  • Technology transfer, sourcing and disseminating appropriate low-emission technologies

Why EcoTraders

EcoTraders is the only Israeli firm to have successfully navigated all stages of the Clean Development Mechanism – from methodological development to commercialization of the credits – and has generated approximately EUR 25 million in revenue for Israeli projects.

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   Case study   

CDM project - Arava Power Solar PV

Implementation of three CDM projects, establishing a series of solar PV production facilities, in accordance with the UNFCCC methodologies and requirements. 

Landfill Management

   Case study   

CDM project - Hiriya Landfill

Implementation of a pioneering GHG reduction project to collect and utilize methane, in accordance with the UNFCCC methodologies and requirements. 

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