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Climate change

Climate Policy Consulting. 

To define and implement mitigation strategies.

In order to meet the central goal of the Paris Climate Change Agreement – which is to limit global warming to well below 2°C and as close to 1.5°C as possible, and to achieve climate neutrality in the second half of this century – robust climate planning is required (UNFCCC, 2017).

EcoTraders’ experts help governmental and corporate entities define and implement ambitious action, delivered by cost-effective and practical interventions, and supported by a robust impact assessment.

Our services

We support our clients in formulating a GHG mitigation strategy that fits their long-term needs and local characteristics.

• At a national or governmental level, we help countries comply with the UNFCCC requirements and elaborate their Independent Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) or Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) and, since the Paris Agreement, their Long-Term Low Emission Development Strategies (LT-LEDS).

• At a corporate level, we help our clients achieve sustained growth in a decarbonized future by defining and implementing sound, practical, climate-related corporate policies. 

Formulation of GHG targets

Key technological abatement measures

Co-benefits analysis

Formulation of greenhouse gas reduction targets in accordance with the identification of key sectors, their current and projected emissions.

Recommendations of key measures, realizing technical, environmental and economic feasibility studies.

Technology transfer

Assessing and quantifying the additional socio-economic and environmental benefits that mitigation measures deliver beyond GHG emission reduction. Read more.

Technologies dissemination and knowledge transfer on environmentally safe technologies. Read more.

Our expertise

  • Designing methodologies for accounting and quantification of GHG emissions

  • Modelling of measures, projects, or policy impacts

  • Evaluation of abatement potential, abatement cost, and cost-effectiveness

Why EcoTraders

Our team has extensive experience in building national coherent and ambitious strategies in close consultation with key stakeholders – industry leaders, academics, key government ministries and agencies, industry associations and NGOs.


   Case study   

Phasing out coal

A strategic GHG abatement measure

Technical and economical evaluation of the options to remove from service coal-fired units in Hadera, Israel.

The technical and economical evaluation served as the basis for Israel’s Energy Minister.


   Case study   

Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol

Formulation of a national reduction strategy for HFCs consumption. Identification and analysis of key consumption activities, technical alternatives and concrete regulatory and policy measures.


   Case study   

Israel Long-Term Low Emission Development Strategy 

Israel 2050: A vision and strategy for a low-emission, vibrant economy.

Chief advisor to develop Israel 2050 strategy for key environmental social and economic goals, to be submitted to the UNFCCC.

wood target.jpg

   Case study   

Formulation of a national GHG reduction target (INDC)

Multi-stakeholder process to evaluate emission abatement measures. Technical basis for the adoption of Israel’s INDC submitted to the UNFCCC

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