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Why trust EcoTraders to develop energy policies and projects?

Our technical knowledge and know-how.

At EcoTraders, we have a deep understanding of the energy sector in its broader sense – including the energy use by residential and commercial buildings, industry and transport sectors and the power generation sector. Every project is unique and tailor-made, and our expertise brings added value to our clients, improving not only their environmental but also their financial performance.


We help optimize energy demand and production by providing consulting and project implementation services.


Assessment of energy consumption and production

Modelling of energy  projections


Monitoring and evaluation frameworks 

Assessment of energy demand and production

Formulation of energy targets

Assessment of energy policies

Identification of key alternatives

Analysis of environmental and economic impacts

Energy policy consulting

Technical, environmental and economic feasibility 

Project implementation and management 

ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard

Renewable Energy Certificates

Project implementation and management


Energy accounts for more than two thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions, and is at the heart of efforts to mitigate climate change: as end-use energy efficiency, increased share of renewables or decarbonization of transport.

But efficient energy measures and policies must not be limited to their potential emission reductions. Indeed, energy is part of many Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): from expanding access to electricity to improving clean cooking fuels, from providing accessible and sustainable transport systems for all to reducing air pollution. 

We know that energy, and the way we use it, needs to be efficient, sustainable and as much as possible, renewable. At EcoTraders we assess and develop energy policies, measures and projects that help our clients save the environment… and money. We provide technical expertise to the public sector, in the development of national and local energy policies, and advise companies and industries on cost-effective energy solutions.

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