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Why trust EcoTraders to source funding and finance sustainable projects?

Our commitment and will to suceed.

Because significant emission reductions require large-scale projects, climate finance has a crucial role to play in the shift toward low-carbon, climate-resilient economic models.
We accompany our public sector and private sector clients in seeking support for the development and implementation of their mitigation actions. 

Voluntary carbon offset project development

Co-benefits analysis 

Capacity-building on project design. 

Development of carbon offsetting projects

Identification of potential funding sources


Feasibility study

Elaboration of proposal


and grants


The last IPCC report (2018) indicated a clear gap between current investment levels and those compatible with 1.5°C (or 2°C) pathways: if the world wants to achieve this target, investments in low-carbon energy technology and energy efficiency will need to increase by roughly a factor of six by 2050 compared to 2015 levels.


The international community, governments and private sector have pledged billions of dollars in the Paris Agreement to transform targets into meaningful actions and gradually increase the current mitigation and adaptation efforts.

At EcoTraders our aim is to efficiently match public and private contributions with the actual needs and plans of our clients.

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