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Climate change

Greenhouse Gas Assessment. 

To evaluate your current situation.

Measuring and quantifying greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, through a macro or sectoral approach, enables identification of key emissions sources and thus abatement opportunities. The assessment of GHG emissions is necessary to the understanding and elaboration of a policy, strategy or action and serves as the basis of the decision-making process.

Our services

We offer GHG emissions assessment using international standards or guidelines at a national, sectorial, company and factory level. 

GHG Inventories

Modeling of GHG emissions projections

Carbon footprint

Estimating all emissions and removals of greenhouse gases from given sources or sinks from a defined region in a specific period of time.

Using modeling frameworks in the estimation of emissions and economic interactions to prepare scenarios of emissions projections.

Estimating the total emissions caused by your event, organization, project or product.

Our expertise

  • Multi-stakeholder data collection and QA/QC

  • Baseline development and methodological design taking into account national circumstances

  • Use of existing models (e.g. LEAP model for the energy sector) or development of computerized tool for emissions calculation

Why EcoTraders

Our experts have a deep understanding of the UNFCCC requirements and methodologies and other international standards, with a particular expertise in electricity generation, energy efficiency, transport, industry, and waste sectors.

dead sea.jpg

   Case study   

CDM project - Dead Sea Magnesium 

Development of a United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)-approved methodology for GHG reduction. 

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   Case study   

Formulation of a national GHG reduction target

Multi-stakeholder process to evaluate emission abatement measures. Technical basis for the adoption of Israel’s INDC submitted to the UNFCCC


   Case study   

Corporate Carbon footprinting

Carbon footprinting and reporting to the Carbon Disclosure Project for the global operations of NICE Systems, an international company traded on the NASDAQ. 

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